Enabling a homeowner to sell his house


Housing development with problematic septic tanks.

In most areas of the UK and Ireland, the waste water network is either close to, or at capacity. So, if you’re planning a new build, you need to think about waste water treatment. Viltra is an expert at designing and installing site specific waste water treatment. This client was a homeowner within a small housing development who found his plans to sell held up because of an issue with the septic tank. Viltra designed and installed a solution within two weeks, and as an extra bonus the client was able to claim costs on his insurance.

The local environment agency was due to adopt the housing development’s sewage system. However, during desludging, they identified that the septic tank system didn’t meet their requirements. They recommended that a sewage treatment plant be installed with some urgency.

Viltra surveyed the houses, designed and installed our own IWOX premium sewage treatment plant, leaving the ground in perfect condition. With full consultations with the local environment agency, we brought the whole system up to standard, ensuring that all the houses could be sold without any water treatment hurdles.