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Viltra keeps agri–food reputations healthy - Viltra Wastewater Technology


Viltra keeps agri–food reputations healthy


Finnebrogue is a name that consumers trust.

Whether they’re buying Finnebrogue Naked, Good Little Sausages or Finnebrogue Veggie in any of the major multiples, consumers are buying into the company’s impeccable reputation as the UK’s leading artisan producer. Viltra is proud to help Finnebrogue reduce their environmental impact by ensuring their wastewater discharge is consistently lower than regulations require. This project was completed within 12 weeks of briefing and met very high health and safety standards.

Like many agri–food producers, Finnebrogue has to wash and prepare ingredients. This means that their extensive manufacturing facilities discharge large volumes of effluent every day throughout the year. Finnebrogue and their neighbouring factory also had to meet NI Water’s strict regulations. 


Viltra worked with Finnebrogue to design and install a bespoke wastewater treatment facility that could cope with the company’s future ambitions. The system was also designed to handle the waste stream of the neighbouring factory. Viltra handled all the liaison with NI Water and ensured the project was completed on time and budget. Our team continues to service and maintain this bespoke system.