Commercial and Agri-Food Processing

Today's consumers have high expectations of the brands they buy into. Viltra helps many commercial agrifood producers to protect their operations, environment and reputations with site specific, bespoke wastewater treatment solutions.

Wastewater treatment solutions that match your ambitions

Viltra begins by understanding the future ambitions of your organisation, then we design a wastewater system that will function perfectly for the foreseeable future. Our ability to liaise with the local environment agency, our ongoing service and maintenance plans and our 24/7, 365 days a year call out service allows our commercial clients to focus on their core business. Agri-food production sites in the UK and Ireland produce incredible food, but also a great deal of polluting wastewater. By being proactive about using the latest technology to design site-specific waste water treatment solutions, Viltra can keep you compliant, guard your reputation and protect your world.

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