Are you Non-Compliant?

Viltra can provide a complete solution to help homeowners and businesses comply with environment agency regulations and standards.

Our comprehensive approach, from initial consultation and system design through to installation and maintenance, ensures that our customers receive the best solution to their wastewater needs.

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Are you Non-Compliant?

Are you Non-Compliant?

We have experience in helping our customers find a solution to their wastewater needs, from single houses to hotels and schools, restaurants to meat processing facilities. Let us take care of you and the environment.

Safeguarding you and the environment - helping you become compliant with regulations and standards

• Are you discharging domestic or trade effluent into a water course?

• Are you failing to comply with local Environment Agency standards?

• Have you received letters about non-compliance?

• Do you have problems with an existing sewage treatment system?

• Building your own home?

• Buying or selling a property?



The Catering and Hospitality sector regularly experience issues with FOGs (Fats, Oils and Grease), and this affects the performance of wastewater treatment systems. The end result could potentially lead to a poor effluent quality and non-compliance with regulations and standards.

Viltra design and manufacture a range of grease separators that can solve FOG (Fat, Oil and Grease) issues.

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