Commercial & Industrial Pumping Stations

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Commercial & Industrial Pumping Stations

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Viltra's commercial and industrial pumping stations provide a highly efficient, reliable and cost-effective solution for low-lying properties that require connection to mains drainage. Our commercial and industrial pumping stations are built to handle both commercial and industrial effluent for larger applications such as hotels, restaurants and other large premises.

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Viltra can provide expertise in design, consultation, assembly and servicing of pumping stations for commercial and industrial installations.
• Can be structurally certified for each individual application
• Choice of pumps & ancillary equipment
• Custom Designed & Manufactured in NI
• Built to high specifications

Key Features

 Efficient, reliable and compact

 Can be installed with single or dual pumps

 Easily transportable

 Comes with automatic controls and high level alarm

 Straightforward pipe connections on site

 High performing and high-quality submersible pumps

 Designed to be easily accessible for service and maintenance 


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Why choose a Viltra pumping station?

• Dedicated after-sales service to give our customers complete peace of mind.

• 24-hour emergency breakdown service only a phone call away.

• High-quality products and services tailor-made to our customers’ requirements

• Proven track record of supplying cost effective pumping stations and pumping equipment within the wastewater market.

• Viltra have a team of dedicated and skilled engineers with over 35 years' combined experience.

• Fully comprehensive mechanical and electrical installation, with technical support from design through to installation and final commissioning.


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