Spare Parts

Viltra are stockists of a wide range of replacement parts used within both sewage treatment plants and also sewage pumping stations

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Air Compressors and Repair Kits

Air compressors are fitted in treatment plants to insert air which circulates the media in the liquid - this speeds up the breakdown of the waste. Viltra have a wide range of diaphragm air compressors available at extremely competitive rates. We are also stockist of repair kits which can be used to service our range of diaphragm pumps.

Secoh products we stock:

• JDK Air Compressors

• Service Kits

• Diaphragm Sets

• Autostoppers


Pumps & Pumping Equipment

As pump suppliers, Viltra specialises in providing pumping equipment, sewage pumps and servicing for the residential, commercial and industrial markets.

Our relationship with a range of manufacturers allow us to select from a huge range of pumps and packages thus taking advantage of the market leading technology and design facilities that these companies have to offer.

As an independent company of pump suppliers in the pumps and sewage pumping industry we can provide greater choice and flexibility and solutions which are not only tailored to your individual needs but are also the most efficient and cost effective.

Pump Basins

Pump Basins (or Pump Tanks) are a convenient for a number of applications. The main application is for automatic collection of wastewater and lifting stations, to handle domestic, civil and industrial waste water. They can be used for storage of pumps in applications where you cannot get access to main sewers and they can also be used to pump effluent from a treatment plant or septic tank to a percolation area or polishing filter. The tanks can be installed at ground level or underground. For underground installation extensions can be used. The cover, fixed with screws, allows easy access to the pump.

Pipes and Fittings

Viltra are also stockist of a wide range of PVC, PE and PE pipe, pipe fittings and accessories.

• ABS Pipe

• ABS Pipe Fittings

• ABS Valves & Strainers

• PVCu Pipe

• PVCu Pipe Fittings

• PVCu Valves & Strainers

• MDPE Pipe Blue

• MDPE Pipe Black

• MDPE Pipe Fittings

• MDPE Valves

• Plasson


Risers are available for a wide range of our sewage treatment plants, pumping stations and rainwater harvesting units. Should you require risers to extend tank access to ground level, please contact our offices where one of our sales team can advise on the best option to suit your application.

Distribution Boxes

Distribution boxes are used to split effluent evenly between the outlet pipes into the percolation area. The Irish Environmental Protection Agency recommends that distribution boxes be inspected every 6 months to ensure they have not shifted. Foundations must be reset by the builder if they are found to be uneven. Adjustable plastic weirs and distribution boxes make this instantly possible by rotating the plastic weir insert without any site interference.

• Distribution box sizes are 4 hole and 7 hole.

• Strong stable boxes, risers and lids

• Adjustable weirs to control flow to percolation

• Injection moulded HDPE

• Non-corrosive

• Lightweight

• Simple to install

• Easy to level

• Snap-in watertight pipe seals

• Risers interlock to extend the box to ground surface

• Unused outlets sealed with watertight snap-in plug

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