Worlds Apart in
Waste Water


People rely on water. People create waste. These are facts. At Viltra, we see it as our job to keep these two worlds apart.

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Viltra designs, installs and maintains intelligent, practical, reliable wastewater treatment solutions that bring clear returns and 100% compliance rates in every region of the UK and Ireland, every time.

More about us

Your World, Protected.

Viltra brings you peace of mind that your business is not harming the environment.

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Your Future

Viltra ensures you are compliant with environmental regulations and provides you with an audit trail to prove it.

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Your Site, Sorted

Viltra brings you operational reliability. Because non-compliant businesses can be forced to cease operations.

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Viltra’s waste water solutions are trusted by pioneers in agrifoods, protectors of conservation properties, parks and homeowners who need consent to discharge.