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Viltra uses wastewater intelligence to strategise site-specific solutions, ensuring compliance and protecting reputations. Regardless of where you are in the UK or Ireland, Viltra can help protect your world from the harms of wastewater pollution.

The performance of a sewage and effluent treatment plant is determined by what goes into it from the start, and from the start we mean before it even goes into the ground or on the ground.

At Viltra, we pride ourselves in being experts in designing and installing site-specific solutions for sewage and effluent treatment plant systems and upgrades of existing systems for various applications across a range of sectors including, single houses, businesses and developments, preservation areas and natural beauty spots, commercial and industrial projects such as agri-food and manufacturing, farming applications, restaurants and hotels within the hospitality industry and schools, colleges and creches within the education sector.

Every sector is different and every project is unique, that’s why our team of experienced and knowledgeable process, civil, electrical, mechanical and environmental engineers design solutions that work for you, whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, whether you are developing a single house, glamping site, factory, or a hotel or restaurant, by understanding your local environment and matching that with your future ambitions, Viltra design and install intelligent and practical solutions to ensure optimum performance and compliance, every time.

With every project, Viltra provides a state-of-the-art solution that aims to reclaim the “water” from wastewater. Viltra’s designs are focused on treatment efficiency, energy efficiency, smooth operation and preventive maintenance. From site investigations, flow monitoring and composite sampling to the latest Innovative equipment, controlled by bespoke commercial and industrial SCADA systems and backed up by cloud monitoring solutions, you will find all the peace of mind that you need to make the future your legacy.

Viltra can also provide a complete solution by designing, supplying, installing and certifying a percolation area, sand/soil polishing filter, and all forms of tertiary treatment. A polishing filter or percolation area is designed to partially treat and dispose of the effluent from a sewage treatment plant or a septic tank.

Our Approach/Our Services

Whether it’s your home, a business or development, Viltra can carry out a site survey for a wide range of applications to assess your site or premises.

Viltra’s sewage and effluent treatment plant design consultancy process always begins with a site survey and wastewater analysis of your site. Our experienced engineers will meet you on site to assess your type of application (domestic, commercial and industrial, school, hotel etc.), how you use your water, how you operate your premises and the landscape of your site and surrounding environment.

This is the key design information that allows us to design and manufacture a bespoke sewage or effluent treatment solution tailored to your needs. Ensuring high performance, exceeding compliance rates, while caring for your local environment.

Some of the design information collected on site by our engineers include:

• Understand and analyse the activities at your home or your business

• Understand your budget expectations

• Understand if there is are any compliance issues limiting your business

• Understand if there is anything restricting your business and locate the problem

• Discover if there are any values or conditions required by consents or permits

• Is there a potential for expansion?

• Analyse the influent through either grab or composite samples in either our own in-house lab or an external lab of your choice

• Determine discharge destination options

• Site drainage layout

At Viltra, we understand the importance of compliance for our customers and their businesses. To ensure we can offer a top of the range service, we listen, we understand your needs, we work diligently to rectify issues, we are proud to provide solutions.

Why choose a Viltra Sewage and Effluent Treatment Design?

  • All products and services are tailor made to suit customer requirements

  • Our products are proudly manufactured in the UK and Ireland

  • Esteemed reputation in producing reasonably priced and premium sewage and effluent treatment designs within the wastewater market across the UK and Ireland

  • Our domestic products are tested and certified to EN12566-3 European Standards

  • Our commercial and industrial products are always backed up by our process warranty

  • Fully comprehensive mechanical and electrical installation with technical assistance from design through to installation and final commissioning

  • We take care of the environmental permissions required in your particular area

  • Viltra have a knowledgeable team of employees, all of which go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction

  • Dedicated after-sales service to give our customers clarity and reassurance

  • 24-hour emergency breakdown service only a phone call away

  • Servicing and maintenance packages available at good rates to ensure your system is accomplishing expected functions all year long

  • Viltra have an esteemed internal civils team who can provide an all-encompassing end-to-end process when required. This service can implement a complete installation pack from start to finish, saving you the disturbance of executing each element individually.

Our latest projects

A bespoke concrete shuttered solution for a meat processing facility

A flagship design for a brand-new state of the art vegan and vegetarian factory

A bespoke sewage treatment solution for a beauty spot popular with visitors and campers in Scotland

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At Viltra, we are specialists in separating waste and water. Whether you have an individual household, a business or a development, we all need and rely on water, we all create and dispose of waste and we all must keep these two worlds apart.

Viltra are a dedicated team who designs, manufactures and installs wastewater treatment solutions for a wide range of sectors across the UK and Ireland, including the commercial and industrial sector, education sector, conservation sector, domestic sector, agricultural sector and the tourism and hospitality industry. Offering an end-to-end service, the experienced team at Viltra ensure our customers receive a premium service and a robust solution to their wastewater management requirements.

To make an enquiry or to book a site visit by our expert engineers who will find a solution for you, please get in touch with Viltra through the contact form provided.

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