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Viltra was established in 2002.

Since then, we have solved thousands of waste water issues and protected hundreds of reputations for our clients in the tourism, conservation, agrifood processing, forestry and domestic sectors. Viltra is known and respected for our people's determination to protect waterways in the UK and Ireland.

We are different because we are driven by three goals:


Your World, Protected.

Viltra designs, installs and maintains wastewater systems. But what we really do is protect. By ensuring that hazardous effluent isn't discharged into waterways, we protect lives. By making sure businesses are compliant with environmental regulations, we protect operations from interruption. By making sure that industrial or human waste doesn't harm the fragile natural world, we protect reputations.

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Your Future Understood.

We can't tell the future, but we do know that regulation and environmental standards are always becoming more strict. Clean water is a valuable asset and we have the expertise to safeguard it. That's why we are constantly designing and engineering new products that make wastewater safe. It's why we are refining the technology that allows many of our customers to isolate and resell elements within their waste water. It's why we are creating ever more sophisticated filtration techniques that reduce disposal costs and maximise returns.

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Your Site Sorted

Viltra has been in operation since 2002. In that time, we have created wastewater solutions for every kind of client, from industrial/food processing to domestic properties or conservation areas. Our world is rarely straightforward, so our solutions are usually bespoke to the unique characteristics of every site and combine strong engineering knowledge with creative ability. This determination to succeed is fuelled by our experience in dealing with complication and the confidence we have for the products we've designed and manufactured.

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