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Efficient, reliable and cost-effective sewage treatment system customisable for non-standard, larger bespoke applications.

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Viltra's bespoke sewage treatment systems use a 3-stage biological process to provide a very efficient, reliable and cost-effective solution to sewage disposal. They are customisable and can be adapted for any non-standard residential, commercial or industrial applications where there is no access to a main sewer.


• Concrete or lightweight plastic systems available
• Designed and manufactured specifically to individual site requirements
• Up to 600 person equivalent (larger systems available in modular basis)
• Low maintenance and running costs
• Bespoke construction for deep and shallow inverts
• Customisable for non-standard applications, i.e. schools, restaurants, etc.
• Reliable and compact

Key Features

 Non-mechanical recirculation

 Flat, flush ground-level access covers

 Concrete or lightweight plastic systems available

 Failure alarm systems included as standard

 No mechanical or electrical parts within unit

✓ Process is Tested and Certified to EN12566-3 European Standards

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How it works

Viltra's bespoke systems are 3-stage biological process sewage treatment systems that can be custom-built to suit individual sites. They can be contained within a single or multiple tank structure.

Primary Settlement

• The primary settlement tank (PST) is a two-stage tank designed to maximize the removal of gross and suspended solids. The PST also has a sludge storage facility incorporated depending on desludge periods


• The biological treatment phase incorporates two proven principles of biological process in the form of a fixed film reactor and a suspended floc dispersed growth system for high  transfer rates and operational control, achieving a stable treatment process unaffected by  shock loads.

• The heart of the process is a submerged, high-rate, plastic media on which a fixed film of biomass is grown. The film consumes incoming settled effluent, and oxygen is provided by a  small blower. The media is aerated through HDPE membrane diffusers that provide fine  bubble aeration.

• The fine bubble aeration is carefully controlled providing optimum oxygen transfer rates  and scouring to slough off excess biomass, keeping the thickness of the fixed biological  film at optimum levels.

• The fact that the media remains submerged means that there will be biomass which is  “unfixed” to the media but achieves treatment through suspended aeration.

Final Settlement                

• The final settlement tank is designed to provide maximum settlement of any suspended  solids prior to discharge. The system incorporates continuous sludge return airlift to return sludge from the final settlement tank back to the primary settlement tank.

• This system also provides for continuous recycling of treated effluent back to the PST to not only provide dilution of incoming settled effluent, but also to ensure continuous flow during periods of low or no flow, thereby keeping the biomass in prime condition.

Why choose a Viltra sewage treatment system?

• Custom designed and manufactured in Northern Ireland.

• Fully comprehensive mechanical and electrical installation with technical support from design through to installation and final commissioning.

• Viltra have a team of dedicated and skilled engineers with over 35 years' combined experience.

• Proven track record of supplying cost-effective wastewater treatment systems within the waste water market.

• High-quality products and services tailor-made to our customers’ requirements.

• Dedicated after-sales service to give our customers complete peace of mind.

• 24 hour emergency breakdown service only a phone call away.

• Our products are tested and certified to EN12566-3 European Standards.


Country Specific Measures

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